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  Throughout the collection market in recent years, the mechanism coins in the late Qing Dynasty and the Republic of China have sprung up and attracted the attention and attention of collectors. In particular, the commemorative coin of the founding of the Republic of China Sun Yat-sen, which was cast in the memory of Sun Yat-sen, the father of the country, is well received by the market. The founding commemorative coin is a kind of physical investment. It has the characteristics of small investment risk and stable value-added. It has great value in collecting investment, so it can become a hot spot for citizens to collect investment.





  近日,廣州德鴻公司有幸征集到一枚陳女士的孫中山上六星開國紀念幣,直徑3.9cm,厚0.22cm,重26.32g,為圓形無孔銀幣,此幣輾轉流傳至今,有自然的銀繡包漿,但幣面依然干凈整潔,落落大方,保管得較為完好,別具一格而韻味十足。 錢幣正面珠圈內為孫中山側面肖像,邊緣上方鐫中文隸書體“中華民國”字樣,下方邊緣鐫“開國紀念幣”字樣,左右兩側長枝花飾之。錢幣背面正中央鐫中文隸書體“壹圓”二字以示幣值,“壹圓”底下嘉禾紋飾相伴,系以結帶,邊緣為英文“MEMENTO”(紀念)和“CHINA OF REPUBLIC OF BIRTH”(中華民國的誕生),偏上方左右鐫六角星圖案,小巧別致,自然美觀。整幣保存完好,品相不錯,紋飾清晰,極具收藏價值和經濟價值。

  Recently, Dehong Company had the privilege of collecting a commemorative coin of Sun Yat-sen on the Sun Yat-sen, a 6.3cm in diameter, 0.22cm thick and weighing 26.32g. It is a round non-porous silver coin, which has been transferred to the present and has a natural silver. Embroidered patina, but the surface of the coin is still clean and tidy, and it is generous and well-preserved. It has a unique style and full of charm. The front side of the coin is a portrait of Sun Yat-sen. At the top of the ring, the Chinese character is “Chinese Republic of China”, and the lower edge is the word “opening commemorative coin”. On the back of the coin, the Chinese character is in the middle of the book. The word "壹圓" is used to indicate the value of the coin. The "Juanyuan" is accompanied by Jiahe ornamentation. The knot is tied with the edge of the English "MEMENTO" (commemorative) and "CHINA OF REPUBLIC OF BIRTH" ( The birth of the Republic of China), the top and bottom of the hexagonal star pattern, small and chic, natural and beautiful. The currency is well preserved, the appearance is good, the decoration is clear, and it has great collection value and economic value.






   This Sun Yat-sen founding commemorative coin is precious in materials, exquisite in craftsmanship, exquisite in design, rich in content, beautiful in text, beautiful in appearance, silvery in color, and its appearance is very impressive, and its artistic appreciation is extremely high, which is an excellent ancient money that can not be met. The symbol of coins is unusual, and the last stroke of the book "people" is extended, meaning to overthrow the Manchu, symbolizing the victory of democracy, and also declares that this is the government of the masses; each of the five petals of plum blossoms, the five-right constitutional sense, After that, this is the national flower; beans and wheat ears take the meaning of the rich and the full-fledged people, and advise the farmer's rules; two Jiahe, each one and three leaves, the three people's ideals. In addition, the Chinese and English characters are engraved on the currency, which is intended to inform foreigners that China’s new era of opening up is coming. Sun Yat-sen's founding commemorative coin version is not too numerous, and the six-star version of the founding commemorative coin Sun Xiaotou is relatively rare, with profound historical significance and collection value.

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